Imperative #3: Deliver attention-grabbing messages

from the Physician Communication Toolkit

Getting physicians to open emails is a huge challenge. Physicians aren't at desks. And like most of us on the go, they're reading email on phones and tablets. Try some unconventional approaches to grab their attention.

Create catchy, mobile-friendly emails to improve open-rates. Eight in ten physicians use smartphones in their daily practice, and 61% rely on email for updates from the organization. Consider investing in email analytics to determine what makes physicians click.

Reach new audiences through alternative channels. Email is here to stay, but texting, Twitter, and other mobile-friendly channels are worth considering to cut through the clutter. Try something new with a smaller group of physicians you think will be most receptive, and then look to expand.

Engage your physicians with mobile communication. The Advisory Board’s mobile application, Crimson Connect, enables administrators and clinical leaders to reach the right clinical staff with the right information at the right time. Learn more about how we can help you transform physician communication at your organization.

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