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From maximizing your opportunity in patient fundraising to building strong, lasting relationships with donors, we have a resource suite that will fit your strategic needs. Each resource suite has best practices, implementation tools, and resources to answer common questions and address your biggest challenges.

Grateful patient program resource suite →

Your patients’ potentially life-saving care experiences can lead to close relationships with caregivers and strong affinity for your organization. Learn how to start, assess, or improve your patient fundraising program and see an increase in philanthropic gifts at your hospital or health system.

Fundraiser talent management resource suite →

In order to maximize your fundraising team's performance, you must consider many different challenges and priorities. Are you hiring the right individuals for the right roles? Are they properly trained for their responsibilities? These resources will help you hire the right fundraisers, train them effectively, and retain them for the long term.

Donor engagement resource suite →

The donors in your pipeline are all different. They give at different levels, and they give for different reasons. Development teams need to be able to focus on the right donors, with the right strategies, and at the right times. Learn how to connect more effectively with donors.

Philanthropy campaigns resource suite →

Today, expectations of campaign fundraising performance are higher than ever—but so are donors' expectations for clearly defined impact. Get guidance on framing your campaign for donors, maximizing the value of volunteers and allies, closing larger gifts, and building a sustainable pipeline.

Strategic integration resource suite →

To be sure that you're raising money for the most impactful and imperative priorities, your fundraising activities should be aligned with your organization's strategic plans. Learn how to demonstrate philanthropy's value to executives, set realistic fundraising goals, and align development activities with emerging priorities.