The Medical Group Leader's Guide to Innovation

Our top resources for implementing innovation in the medical group

Health care is rapidly changing with increased investment in digital health technologies by third parties and new disruptors entering the market—posing a new challenge for medical group business. Now, more than ever, proactive medical group leadership is needed for groups to stay competitive. As medical group leaders think about long-term strategy, innovation can play a key role in meeting the business needs of both their medical group and the health system.

Although many groups are already pursuing innovation, few have been able to scale innovation beyond small pilot programs or quantify a return on their investment. Our research found that groups that root innovation in an existing business goal and overinvest in implementation are able to successfully deploy innovation to achieve their strategic goals. To help medical group leaders secure a return on investment in innovation by implementing medical group-led innovation across the system, we have compiled our top innovation implementation resources below.

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