2 must-read guides for hospitals looking to expand capacity using outside facilities

Examining the pros and cons of various surge capacity plans

As hospitals increasingly experience coronavirus-related demand surges, they will require additional inpatient and critical care facility capacity, staff, and supplies. These surges also necessitate that patients who require in-person treatment for urgent, non-COVID-related concerns have options for accessing safe and timely treatment.

In order to expand physical capacity to manage both COVID- and non-COVID-related health care needs, hospitals can optimize the use of hospital-affiliated urgent care centers (UCCs) and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and look to non-health care facilities as alternative health care sites.

How to use the guides

These planning guides provides insight into how health systems can utilize different facilities to expand hospital capacity. The first guide focuses on non-hospital, clinical facilities and the second provides options for non-health care facilities. Both guides present options for deploying these sites, real-world examples, associated pros and cons, and key questions to consider when selecting an approach.

Download the guide on UCCs and ASCs

Download the guide on non-health care facilities

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