Covid-19 resources for imaging leaders

Covid-19 is presenting imaging department leaders with a multitude of new challenges. We have created a series of new resources to help—and we’ve compiled them below. We will regularly update this information over time.

Do you have questions or feedback about any of these resources? Are you facing other challenges not included here? Please reach out to to let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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Managing Covid-19 patients

Imaging departments have had to quickly learn how to manage the transportation and imaging of Covid-19 patients. Based on our early conversations with imaging leaders, we have compiled a few key tips for imaging these patients:

Ramping up volumes


Imaging leaders must understand how they fit within the broader organization’s ramp up strategy. To do so, here are our key resources on system-wide reopening:


Ramping up procedures is a financial imperative for provider organizations and a clinical imperative for patients. Many procedures are dependent on diagnostic imaging—so imaging is one of the first parts of the organization that needs to reopen.

Managing staff

Many imaging departments are increasing cross-training and adjusting staffing models in response to Covid-19. At the same time, many technologists have been facing significant stressors due to Covid-19— including operating on the frontlines or being furloughed. Below are some resources to help imaging directors better manage staff:

Communicating with patients

Many patients are avoiding care due to concerns about Covid-19 – even necessary care. Patient fears about seeking care and visiting hospitals have grown dramatically. To regain volumes programs need to show patients that it is safe for them to come in. Below are some resources on how to communicate with patients about Covid-19.

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