Cybersecurity Cheat Sheets for the C-suite and Board

What executive leaders need to know about cybersecurity

Security must have a regular place on C-suite agendas. Implications of cyber incidents are widespread including financial risk, legal risk, and operational disruptions that impact patient care as well as business operations. When an incident occurs, all departments, all staff, and even patients can be impacted. Executive leaders across all functions must act to ensure effective management of cyber risk and to promote a security-focused culture.

Yet, such a rapidly evolving, complex landscape makes it difficult to define a clear role to play. The organization’s security leaders, the CIO and CISO, will be critical partners with whom executive leaders can work to ensure a comprehensive cybersecurity program that fits the organization’s operational needs and culture.

This cheat sheet series is tailored to the traditional roles of several executive leaders. Each cheat sheet:

  • Provides an overview of a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that extends well beyond the application of technology
  • Explains key areas of interest for each leader and why he or she needs to be concerned with how the organization addresses each
  • Lists critical questions to reflect upon regarding his or her engagement in cybersecurity, and to partner with security leaders to answer and resolve

Security leaders may wish to use these cheat sheets as a tool to engage with key non-IT leaders regarding the role they could play in cybersecurity. Executive leaders across the organization may wish to use these cheat sheets as a tool to facilitate a conversation with security leaders around how they can support the organization’s cybersecurity efforts.

Cheat Sheet Library

Board of Directors
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Medical or Nursing Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Legal Counsel
Chief Operating Officer
Chief of Human Resources
Chief Medical or Nursing Information Officer

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