Best-in-Class Integration of Newly Acquired Entities

10 Tactics to Guide Post-Merger Integration

Most agree that integration is the largest determining factor for a successful merger. Learn how to craft a strategy that starts long before a deal closes and extends through the first 12-24 months post-acquisition.

While the number of hospital M&A deals has increased, data has shown that few hospital mergers actually achieve their original goals. Few deals improve care quality.

1 in 5 hospitals go from positive to negative margins two years post-acquisition

Get 12 strategies for sustainable margins

Research has shown that patterns of success and failure cannot be linked solely to organizational features or market conditions such as geographic proximity, hospital size, or profit status.

Instead, many institutions attribute their shortcomings to an inability to execute successfully after the close of a deal. Across industries, most agree that post-merger integration is the single largest factor contributing to success. An organization’s competency in integration ultimately determines its ability to successfully achieve post-deal synergies.

Top performers execute across three key phases

To help provider organizations build the competencies necessary for integration and create value through M&A deals, this white paper reviews 10 tactics from best-in-class institutions across multiple industries on navigating three main stages of the integration process.


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