CV Procedural Readmissions Reduction Toolkit

Best practices and implementation resources for developing a comprehensive strategy

Reducing readmission may already seem like an overwhelming task for many CV programs. Efforts to date have largely concentrated on medical conditions—namely AMI and heart failure—to mitigate financial risk under Medicare’s Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, and with mixed success.

However, the urgency to reduce readmission is only becoming more important—and more challenging—as Medicare has recently added CABG to the penalty program. With CV procedural readmission now in the spotlight, CV programs must expand their cross-continuum care efforts to cardiac surgery and interventional patients as well.

This toolkit provides the resources CV leaders need to build a cohesive and efficient procedural readmission reduction strategy.

How to use the toolkit

First, read our publication, "Reducing CV Procedural Readmissions," to learn how to develop a cohesive readmission reduction strategy for cardiac surgery and interventional patients, and see how leading hospitals have implemented their own strategies with impressive results.

Next, download our implementation support resources so you can adapt and use these strategies at your own institution.

Tips for using:

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