Advisory Board Fellowship

About Advisory Board Fellowship

Advisory Board Fellowship is a game changer for rising executives. Across 18 months, participants engage in six learning intensives with a diverse cohort of cross-industry peers. Our curriculum equips rising executives to make the leadership leap through greater self-awareness, knowledge, skills, and attitudes to lead transformative change in today's volatile and complex industry.

Through Advisory Board Fellowship, you can build a talent bench prepared to lead your enterprise.

Discover our unique approach designed to elevate aspiring executives into health care industry leaders.

Prepare to help your leadership

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By the numbers
Health systems and companies trust the Advisory Board Fellowship to develop their rising executives
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Video testimonial

Watch the videos below to hear from Advisory Board Fellowship participants on the value of their experience with the program.

Advisory Board Fellowship's distinguishing elements

 Evidence-based leadership assessment

Best-in-class 360-degree assessment provides insight into behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that propel fellows forward—and hold them back. 

Network of purpose-oriented, like-minded peers

The Fellowship cohort is a community committed to leading industry transformation, who can lend support—and challenge when necessary.

Practicum learning laboratory

Participants tackle a strategic project on behalf of their organization, leaning on peer working groups to gain clarity into barriers both technical and adaptive.

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