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Sarah is a senior consultant on the Physician Practice Roundtable, Advisory Board’s research program dedicated to serving large independent physician organizations. Across her tenure at the Advisory Board, Sarah has led research on medical group decision making, consumer strategy, and population health management. She has also worked with both independent and employed groups to craft and implement their strategy for access expansion and care team redesign.

Sarah holds a BA from Duke University. Before joining the Advisory Board, Sarah led clinical research studies at Duke Health and Children’s National Health System, where the majority of her work focused on the neurocognitive impacts of pediatric cancer.

Areas of expertise

Change Management, Management Tools, Performance Improvement, Quality, Access to Care, Patient Experience, Service, Imaging, Service Lines, Population Health, Market Trends, Strategy, Care Transformation, Practice Management, Physician Issues, Physician Engagement, Physician Networks, Advanced Practitioners,

Sarah Hostetter

Senior Consultant

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Jun 24 2020

How physician practices are thinking about acquisition in today’s financial landscape

With margins threatened by Covid-19, many physician groups are looking at their strategic options differently, including new partnership and acquisition strategies to access capital and resources. Join us for a facilitated discussion with our experts to better understand how these decisions are unfolding for different types of physician groups, and the factors they’re evaluating in potential partners, and what that might mean for the ecosystem of provider networks system. More Register

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