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Managing Director


Sarah Hostetter

Experience & Background

Sarah is the Managing Director of Advisory Board’s physician and ambulatory research team, which focuses on independent physician groups and other ambulatory provider types. In this role, she oversees the team’s research, events, and program strategy and provides strategic and operational guidance to a range of physician organizations and physician leaders.

Sarah’s goal is to empower physician executives to meet the demands of an evolving health care market while engaging their provider workforce in this transformation. As such, her areas of expertise include physician landscape trends, independent medical group strategy, capital partnership strategy, medical group governance, practice operations, ambulatory access expansion, consumer strategy, and care team redesign. Before transitioning to work with physician executives in 2016, Sarah’s research at Advisory Board focused on imaging and radiology strategy and operations.

Before joining Advisory Board, Sarah led clinical research at Duke Health and Children’s National Hospital, where the majority of her work focused on the neurocognitive impacts of pediatric cancer. Sarah received her bachelor’s degree from Duke University.

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