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January 6, 2023

Weekend reads: 6 ways to strengthen your relationships in 2023

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    Why Americans can't turn off the NFL, TSA's weirdest finds of 2022, and more.

    Lex Ashcroft's reads

    Vitamin B12 deficiency is common – here's why you need to know the signs. Despite millions struggling with inadequate Vitamin D (and seasonal affective depression) and its effects on their mood every winter, providers are still overlooking the importance of another crucial vitamin: B12. While people only need a tiny amount of it daily, our general health and quality of life can be severely impacted without it. Writing for The Conversation, professor of nutrition science Diane Cress details the signs of vitamin B12 deficiency, risk factors, treatment options, and explains why the issue often goes overlooked.

    6 ways to strengthen your relationships in 2023. As we start the new year, many are sharing their resolutions for both their professional and personal lives. Healthy relationships of all kinds are an essential piece of crafting a fulfilling life, but they aren't easy to build or maintain. Writing for The New York Times, Catherine Pearson shares six relationship building strategies to deepen your partnerships going forward, including: embracing the power of the casual check-in, acknowledging disharmony or disillusionment, and cultivating the act of 'freudenfreude'.

    Allie Rudin's reads

    A gun in peanut butter? TSA's weirdest finds of 2022. In a tradition that started 2016, TSA rounds up a list each year of the top ten security checkpoint discoveries—some creative, many dangerous, and others just ridiculous. The contenders are documented throughout the year by regional TSA spokespeople the social media strategy team, who convene a panel of five judges to ultimately settle on the top finds. Writing for the Washington Post's "By the Way," Andrea Sachs breaks down the ranking for 2022 with comments from a TSA spokeswoman. As for the gun stashed in two jars of Jif PB? It was smooth peanut butter, not chunky, in case you were wondering.

    Why America can't turn off the NFL. Following Monday night's dramatic scene of Damar Hamlin receiving CPR on the field, America's most popular sports league will continue on with the rest of the season schedule. But why is America still so enthralled with a sport that is also marred by scandal, controversy, and danger to players? Dylan Scott explains for Vox the rise of football as we know it today, the qualities that drive Americans to tune into games in record-breaking numbers, and ways the game is evolving in response to rising backlash.

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