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September 6, 2022

Weekly review: 'Quiet quitting' is happening in health care too

Daily Briefing

    What type of exercise is best for longevity, what you need to know about updated Covid-19 boosters, and more.

    How hospitals are cutting back to reduce costs (Monday, August 29)

    Despite efforts to curtail high expenses, rising inflation and declining federal aid have led many hospitals to begin laying off workers and cutting certain services, Katheryn Houghton writes for Kaiser Health News.

    Updated Covid-19 boosters are coming: What you need to know (Tuesday, August 30)

    FDA is last week authorized Pfizer-BioNTech's and Moderna's updated Covid-19 boosters this week. Here's what experts know—and don't—about the shots' availability, efficacy, and more.

    Cardio or strength: Which is best for longevity? (Wednesday, September 1)

    Writing for the New York Times, Rachel Fairbank explains how physical activity helps individuals live a longer, healthier life, and outlines a growing body of evidence that suggests both cardio and strength training are important for longevity.

    'Quiet quitting' is happening in health care too (Thursday, September 2)

    The "quiet quitting" trend is gaining popularity throughout the U.S. workforce—including in health care. Writing for Becker's Hospital Review, Kelly Gooch explains how and why "quiet quitting" is manifesting in the industry, and how the trend is directly connected to patient care, quality, and safety.

    The dangers of ultra-processed food, according to 2 studies (Friday, September 3)

    Findings from two studies recently published in The BMJ suggest that frequent consumption of ultra-processed foods was associated with a higher risk of colorectal cancer, all-cause mortality, and cardiovascular mortality, Zaina Hamza writes for MedPage Today.

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