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August 29, 2022

Weekly review: The 10 biggest avoidable risk factors for cancer deaths

Daily Briefing

    The three kinds of burnout and how to beat them, the "super common side effect" of the monkeypox vaccine, and more.

    Monkeypox: 6 ways employers can prepare (Monday, August 22)

    Writing for the Harvard Business Review, Jeff Levin-Scherz, Patricia Toro, Siupo Becker, and Meg Alexander of WTW detail six considerations for employers to create effective policies that help protect workers from monkeypox.

    The 10 biggest avoidable risk factors for cancer deaths (Tuesday, August 23)

    A new study published in The Lancet found that 44.4% of cancer deaths in 2019 were attributable to avoidable risk factors, Joseph Choi reports for The Hill.

    The 3 kinds of burnout (and how to beat them) (Wednesday, August 24)

    Writing for the Harvard Business Review, executive coach Melody Wilding details three different ways burnout can manifest itself—and offers tips on how to identify and address each type.

    The 'super common side effect' of the monkeypox vaccine (Thursday, August 25)

    Since the start of the monkeypox outbreak, many people have reported side effects of the Jynneos vaccine, including a red bump that forms at the injection site and lingers for several weeks—but experts have said that this "super common" reaction is not "weird" or "permanent," Patrick Ryan reports for USA Today.

    Charted: The most beneficial activities for lowering your risk of early death (Friday, August 26)

    Findings from a new study published Wednesday in JAMA Network Open suggest that certain physical activities can decrease the risk of early death, as well as death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. See which activities are associated with greater reductions in mortality risk on our interactive chart.




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