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August 10, 2022

HCA + J&J: Here are the details on their new partnership

Daily Briefing

    HCA Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) on Tuesday announced a partnership that will focus on addressing health equity, patient outcomes, and improving support for nurses.

    Details on the partnership

    According to a release from HCA, the partnership will take a three-pronged approach.

    First, the companies will develop "a scalable program" aimed at improving outcomes for Black patients with early-stage lung cancer. According to HCA, lung cancer is the top cause of cancer death among Black patients, and the two companies will work to develop a program aimed at increasing early identification of lung cancer.

    HCA also plans to incorporate J&J's nursing resources into the Galen College of Nursing, an HCA affiliate. The two companies will partner on addressing "health equity issues focused on educational programming, training, and other programs that elevate and support nurses with a goal of enriching the nursing experience and skillsets and improving patient outcomes."

    Finally, HCA and J&J will develop cardiovascular health initiatives, including research to understand what role digital health technology plays in outcomes for patients with coronary artery disease and peripheral artery disease, and a retrospective analysis on heart arrythmia patients.

    "HCA Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson have had a long and productive relationship, and both companies have worked very hard to address many of our country’s healthcare challenges," said Sam Hazen, CEO of HCA. "We believe strongly in the power of strategic partnerships, and we are excited to collaborate to advance health equity, enhance patient care and provide even greater support to our nurses."

    "No one company can solve society's most pressing health challenges alone—it takes collaboration," said Joaquin Duato, CEO of J&J. "That's why we're working with HCA Healthcare to improve patient access and outcomes, address the nursing crisis, and advance health equity. We are united in our focus to improve patient care." (HCA Healthcare release, 8/9; Muoio, Fierce Healthcare, 8/9; Cohen, "Transformation Hub," Modern Healthcare, 8/9)

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