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April 25, 2022

Weekly review: 2 new subvariants are driving a Covid-19 surge

Daily Briefing

    The highest- and lowest-paid physicians, whether one-way masking is effective, and more.

    2 new subvariants are driving a Covid-19 surge (Monday, April 18)

    Two new omicron subvariants are currently driving a new Covid-19 surge in New York, leading health officials to recommend residents take precautions, including masking, once again.

    The doctors paid the most (and the least), charted (Tuesday, April 19)

    Physician compensation increased significantly in early 2022 compared with the last two years of the pandemic, according to Medscape's Physician Compensation Report 2022. See which physicians are paid the most (and the least) by specialty, geography, and gender on our interactive charts.

    Will 'one-way masking' be enough as mask mandates fall? (Wednesday, April 20)

    With many mask mandates coming to an end, "one-way maskers"—those who wear a mask when most people around them don't—are becoming more common. And while experts say one-way masking can help, particularly as Americans wait for a possible appeal to the recently struck down mask mandate, the benefits are limited.

    Vaccines are faltering against new variants. Could an updated booster help? (Thursday, April 21)

    Moderna on Tuesday announced preliminary study results for an updated "bivalent booster" shot indicating it may provide improved protection against new Covid-19 variants.

    Aaron Carroll: To fight the pandemic, we need to stop fighting each other (Friday, April 22)

    Writing for the New York Times, Aaron Carroll, the chief health officer of Indiana University, explains which measures public health experts should focus on instead of debating "things that have become hopelessly politicized like mask mandates."



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