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March 14, 2022

Weekly review: 4 key takeaways about staffing turnover from Advisory Board's survey of 224 hospitals

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    What will happen when the national Covid-19 emergency ends, how even mild cases of Covid-19 can change your brain, and more.

    What will happen once the national Covid-19 emergency ends? (Monday, March 7)

    As Covid-19 cases continue to drop nationwide, many lawmakers are calling for an end to the national emergency declaration for the pandemic—a move that would significantly impact the health care system.

    Even mild cases of Covid-19 can cause changes in the brain, study finds (Tuesday, March 8)

    Even mild cases of Covid-19 could lead to brain tissue damage and cognitive decline, according to a study published in Nature on Monday. But experts say larger, more specific studies are needed to confirm the findings.

    4 key takeaways about staffing turnover from Advisory Board's survey of 224 hospitals (Wednesday, March 9)

    Advisory Board's experts collected data on hospital staff turnover and vacancy rates from 224 hospitals—compiling a full calendar year of data. View highlights from the new set of benchmarks to see how your workforce compares, along with curated insights on how to stabilize your workforce.

    What will the next Covid-19 variant look like? Here are 4 potential scenarios. (Thursday, March 10)

    Writing for The Atlantic, Katherine Wu details four potential shapes the next Covid-19 variant could take—and explains how each scenario would elicit a specific public health response.

    Covid-19 roundup: Omicron is at least 40% deadlier than the flu  (Friday, March 11)

    The spread of the omicron subvariant BA.2 in the United States may be slowing down, a study finds older Covid-19 survivors experience cognitive impairment even a year later, and more in this week's roundup of Covid-19 news.

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