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March 11, 2022

Weekend reads: How to enjoy being an outsider

Daily Briefing

    The pandemic's real estate (agent) boom, what's behind the rise of "Dr. TikTok," and more.

    Vivian Le's reads

    The pandemic's real estate (agent) boom. Although many industries are currently facing a "Great Resignation," the real estate industry has been an outlier, drawing an abundance of new workers in both 2020 and 2021. Writing for the New York Times, Candace Jackson describes people's rising interest in real estate and whether the boom will be here to stay.

    How to enjoy being an outsider. Being an outsider—whether in a new job, a new city, or even a new country—can be lonely and difficult, but it also often helps people develop strength, flexibility, and resilience. Writing for The Atlantic, Arthur Brooks explains why being an outsider can ultimately be beneficial despite potential discomfort and hardship.

    Alyssa Nystrom's reads

    Are at-home food sensitivity tests worth it? While some swear by "trendy" at-home tests like Everlywell's $127 testing kit to help them identify food sensitivities, many dietitians question the accuracy of these tests. Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Christina Colizza explains how at-home food sensitivity tests may (or may not) help you identify which foods you should avoid.

    What's behind the rise of 'Dr. TikTok?' Over the past year, there has been an increase in teens and young adults using TikTok to self-diagnose various mental health conditions—but not all posts contain accurate, science-based information. Writing for Everyday Health, Michelle Pugle explains the rise in this recent trend and identifies several ways to identify reliable sources of information.

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