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February 28, 2022

Weekly review: CDC has been withholding Covid-19 data from the public. Here's why.

Daily Briefing

    A fourth Covid-19 dose may be recommended in the future, new research reveals a 'leading cause' of multiple sclerosis, and more.

    Is a fourth vaccine dose on the horizon? Here's what experts say. (Monday, Feb. 21)

    Recent data suggests that protection from Covid-19 booster shots wanes after a few months, potentially signaling a need for an additional, fourth dose of the vaccine in the future, Sharon LaFraniere reports for the New York Times.

    CDC has been withholding Covid-19 data from the public. Here's why. (Tuesday, Feb. 22)

    For over a year, CDC has been collecting data on breakthrough infections, booster shots, and Covid-19 hospitalizations—but hasn't released that data to the public, arguing that it could be misinterpreted, Apoorva Mandavilli reports for the New York Times.

    9 ways to restore pre-pandemic cancer screening levels, according to the American Cancer Society (Wednesday, Feb. 23)

    The American Cancer Society's National Consortium for Cancer Screening and Care last week released a report outlining nine recommendations to restore cancer screening rates back to pre-pandemic levels. And Advisory Board's Deirdre Saulet emphasizes three additional priorities for cancer screening programs to drive utilization across the country.

    New research unveils a potential 'leading cause' of MS (Thursday, Feb. 24)

    New research published in Science and Nature suggests that Epstein-Barr virus—an infection contracted by more than 90% of adults—may be the "leading cause" of multiple sclerosis, Kim Tingley reports for the New York Times Magazine.

    Is travel nursing the last resort–or the only resort? (Friday, Feb. 25)

    As hospitals face high costs from travel nurses amid a growing labor shortage, some industry groups and lawmakers are calling for investigations into staffing agencies over potential price gouging.

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