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December 23, 2021

Weekend reads: How much would Homer Simpson's medical bills cost in real life?

Daily Briefing

    The remarkable history of the word "hallelujah," how black artists are influencing medical illustrations, and more.

    Vivian Le's reads:

    The remarkable history of 'hallelujah.'  As a word, "hallelujah" is a bit of a chameleon, capable of being a celebratory shout, transformed into quiet mantra of devotion, or captured in song. Writing for the Los Angeles Times, Deborah Netburn explains the origins of the word "hallelujah" and the myriad feelings—joyous, reverent, spirited, and more—it evokes in people.

    How black artists are making medical illustrations more diverse. The patients depicted by medical illustrations are predominantly white men, showcasing a significant lack of diversity in materials often used to train future doctors and other health care providers. Writing for USA Today, N'dea Yancey-Bragg describes how young black artists are advocating for more inclusive medical literature—and what it might mean for medicine going forward.

    Alyssa Nystrom's reads:

    Your DNA could be the reason you take your coffee black.  Individuals who metabolize caffeine more quickly typically prefer black coffee, and they also tend to prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate, according to a new study in Scientific Reports. Writing for the Washington Post, Erin Blakemore explains why your DNA might influence your coffee preferences.

    How much would Homer Simpson's medical bills cost? A recent study by Downtown L.A. Law Group analyzed hundreds of episodes of The Simpsons to find out just how much Homer Simpson's clumsiness would have cost him over the course of 33 seasons. Writing for Screen Rant, Ethan Fox explains how Homer Simpson would have racked up $143 million in medical expenses if he were a real person. 

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