December 6, 2021

Weekly review: The omicron variant—the 'good,' 'bad,' and 'ugly' scenarios

Daily Briefing

    Judge blocks Biden's mandate to health care workers, what we know (and still don't) about omicron, and more.

    Omicron: The 3 biggest unanswered questions (Monday, November 29)

    The newly discovered omicron variant has been labeled a "variant of concern" by the World Health Organization—but how serious will it ultimately be for public health? That will depend, experts say, on the still-unknown answers to these three key questions.

    The omicron variant: The 'good,' 'bad,' and 'ugly' scenarios (Tuesday, November 30)

    Since the news broke about the omicron variant, Advisory Board's Pamela Divack and Andrew Mohama pondered America's coronavirus future: What are the (relatively) "good," "bad," and "ugly" scenarios? In this piece, they've updated and mapped out the possibilities.

    Judge blocks Biden's mandate to vaccinate health care workers (Wednesday, December 1)

    A federal judge last week issued a nationwide injunction, blocking CMS' mandate requiring workers in most health care settings participating in Medicare and Medicaid to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by Jan. 4, arguing CMS doesn't have the authority to enact such a mandate.

    Omicron: What we know (and still don't) about the new variant (Thursday, December 2)

    The new omicron variant is "more of a Frankenstein" than previous virus coronavirus variants, according to one virologist, and vaccine experts are at odds over how well current vaccines will provide protection against it.

    An omicron wave is coming—but will it be worse than delta? (Friday, December 3)

    Omicron has become the most dominant coronavirus variant in South Africa, and at least nine omicron cases have now been reported in five U.S. states. But while an omicron surge is likely coming, experts say it's too early to know how this variant-driven wave might compare to others.


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