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November 22, 2021

Weekly review: How some people are trying to undo their Covid-19 vaccine

Daily Briefing

    What experts will and won't do during the holidays, whether a winter surge of Covid-19 cases is coming, and more.

    What 28 experts say they will (and won't) do this holiday season (Monday, Nov. 15)

    As Thanksgiving and other holidays approach, what do experts think is safe to do this winter? STAT News spoke to 28 infectious disease experts about what they have planned for the upcoming holidays.

    Vaccine mandate lawsuits a 'setback for public health,' according to U.S. Surgeon General (Tuesday, Nov. 16)

    A federal appeals court has upheld its decision to block the Biden administration's vaccine mandate for large U.S. employers—a move Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said would be "a setback for public health." Here's what you need to know about the mandate's current legal status.

    How some people are trying to undo their Covid-19 vaccine (Wednesday, Nov. 17)

    As Covid-19 vaccine mandates push more holdouts to get their shots, several anti-vaccine groups are sharing ways to "undo" the vaccine—an outcome that experts say is "just not physically possible,” Ben Collins writes for NBC News.

    Covid-19 cases are rising again—will there be a winter surge? (Thursday, Nov. 18)

    Covid-19 case rates are once again rising across the United States, which has experts concerned about a potential winter case surge. Here's where experts predict the surges will hit—and how they expect hospitals to fare.

    Could even better Covid-19 vaccines be coming soon? (Friday, Nov. 19)

    Only a limited number of Covid-19 vaccines have been used so far, but hundreds more are still being developed and tested worldwide. Some, such as protein-based vaccines, may eventually prove to be a more effective or appropriate choice for certain populations.

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