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November 19, 2021

Weekend reads: Is your dog ruining your sleep?

Daily Briefing

    Outer space's growing trash problem, what happens if you accidentally eat the sticker on your produce, and more.

    Vivian Le's reads

    Outer space's growing trash problem. Just like the world's oceans, outer space is experiencing a growing trash problem—one that may eventually make the area around Earth unnavigable. Writing for Vox's "Recode," Rebecca Heilweil explains the potential dangers of this extraterrestrial trash, as well as a few ways we might be able to get it under control before it's too late.

    Honey: The sweetest (bee) medicine. Many people might think honey is just "sugar water," but it actually contains numerous phytochemicals that are integral to keeping bees healthy. Writing for Knowable Magazine, Berly McCoy examines the intricate process of honey making and the different ways honey keeps bee healthy—by boosting immunity, fighting off infection, and much more.

    Alyssa Nystrom's reads

    Is your dog making you sleep deprived? Multiple studies have estimated that roughly half of all pet owners let their pets sleep in bed with them. Writing for the New York Times, Tara Parker-Pope explores how co-sleeping with your pet could impact the quality of your sleep. 

    What happens if you accidentally eat the sticker on your produce? Most produce sold in the United States has a sticker on it—and because they have direct contact with food items, these stickers must gain FDA approval. Writing for the New York Times, Sophie Egan explains why you don't need to panic if you unintentionally consume a sticker on your produce. 

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