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October 25, 2021

Weekly review: The 'Great Resignation' is coming for health care. How can you respond?

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    How nurses are in crisis, what Colin Powell's death reveals about protecting the immunocompromised, and more.

    The 'Great Resignation' is coming for health care. How can you respond? (Monday, Oct. 18)

    Millions of Americans are quitting their jobs in what's becoming known as the "Great Resignation," Abby Vesoulis reports for TIME. Advisory Board's Kate Vonderhaar Johnson shares the right way to conduct "stay interviews" with your staff who might be considering leaving—including six questions that can help you open the conversation.

    Nurses are in crisis. Here's how bad it is, in 6 charts. (Tuesday, Oct. 19)

    More than two-thirds of nurses say they've felt exhausted, frustrated, or stressed within the past two weeks—and more than a third doubt that their organization truly cares about their well-being. Explore the latest survey data on our interactive charts, then learn three strategies for meaningfully supporting your team from Advisory Board experts Katherine Virkstis and Monica Westhead.

    What Colin Powell's death reveals about protecting the immunocompromised (Wednesday, Oct. 20)

    Former Secretary of State Colin Powell died of complications related to Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated, leading health experts to stress the importance of mass vaccination to reduce community spread and protect the vulnerable.

    'Mix and match' boosters are coming: 5 key things to know (Thursday, Oct. 21)

    FDA on Wednesday authorized booster doses of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines and allowed Americans to switch vaccine brands for their booster. Here are five key considerations for health care leaders, according to Advisory Board expert Pamela Divack.

    CDC recommends Moderna and J&J booster shots—but some advisers do so reluctantly (Friday, Oct. 22)

    A CDC advisory panel on Thursday unanimously voted to recommend booster shots for recipients of Moderna's and Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccines—but some committee members worried the recommendation could lead the "worried well" to get extra shots they don't need.

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