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September 13, 2021

Weekly review: What you need to know about the mu variant

Daily Briefing

    How much vaccines cut your risk of "long Covid," what CDC studies reveal about the delta variant in kids, and more.

    The mu variant: What you need to know (Tuesday, September 7)

    As the delta variant continues to spread in the United States, a new variant, called mu, has been deemed a "variant of interest" by the World Health Organization—and preliminary data suggests that prior infection and vaccination may not provide strong immunity.

    What 2 new CDC studies reveal about the delta variant in kids (Wednesday, September 8)

    Two studies released by CDC reveal sharp increases in hospitalizations among children amid the rise of the delta variant—and the increases were significantly worse in states with lower levels of vaccination.

    How much do vaccines cut your risk of 'long Covid'? Here's what new research finds. (Thursday, September 9)

    Fully vaccinated people are far less likely to become infected by the coronavirus—but for those who experience a breakthrough infection, what's their likelihood of facing the lingering symptoms known as long Covid? A recent study in The Lancet Infectious Diseases offers new clues.

    What you need to know about Biden's big new vaccine rules (Friday, September 10)

    President Biden on Thursday announced new rules that will require most federal workers, health care workers, and some private sector employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19—sweeping actions that a senior White House official said could affect up to 100 million Americans.

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