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September 10, 2021

Weekend reads: Does coffee sometimes make you tired? Here's why.

Daily Briefing

    Whether endless disasters will erode our empathy, ocean bioluminescence you can spot from space, and more.

    Ben Palmer's reads

    Why fewer men are going to college. At the end of the 2020-21 academic year, 59.5% of college students were women, an all-time high and the result of a trend that's been going on for decades of fewer men going to college. Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Douglas Belkin examines the trend and dives into why it seems fewer men are electing to go to college.

    Does coffee sometimes make you tired? Here's why. Coffee is generally supposed to give people energy and is often the reason people drink it, but for some, coffee actually makes them tired. Writing for the New York Times, Wudan Yan examines the science behind why coffee can make some people tired rather than energized.

    Vivian Le's reads

    Ocean bioluminescence you can spot from space. The ocean has always glowed, but now scientists have discovered that the bioluminescence lighting up the ocean can be so massive and intense that it can be seen by satellites 500 miles above Earth. Writing for the New York Times, William Broad details sightings of bioluminescent waters and examines researchers' efforts to understand their origins.

    Will endless disasters erode our empathy? Even amid a global pandemic, disasters, such as wildfires, earthquakes, war, and more, continue to happen and may even compound on one another, leaving many people overwhelmed and diminishing their ability to cope. Writing for The Atlantic, Jacob Stern explains how "intense, sustained stress" often desensitizes people—and what this might mean for their ability to empathize with others going forward.

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