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September 2, 2021

Long weekend reads: Will narwhals eventually fall silent?

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    How the delta variant is messing up wedding season again, what you need to know for traveling on Labor Day weekend, and more.

    Ben Palmer's reads

    The delta variant is messing up wedding season again. Last year, the Covid-19 pandemic caused many couples to either delay their weddings or have significantly smaller weddings than previously planned. Now, the spread of the delta variant is causing the same problems once again. Writing for the New York Times, Tammy La Gorce examines how the surge in Covid-19 cases from the delta variant is affecting wedding season.

    Traveling for Labor Day weekend? Here's what you need to know. Labor Day weekend is ahead, and with it comes many Americans who are making travel plans for the long weekend. Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Allison Pohle gives an overview of everything you need to know regarding Covid-19 mandates throughout the United States and internationally so you can be prepared this weekend.

    Vivian Le's reads

    "We are always forgetting pandemics." Promoting itself as "the museum of the human being and of the human body," the German Hygiene Museum allows visitors to explore a wide swath of topics, including infectious diseases and past pandemics. Writing for the New York Times, Annalisa Quinn explores the history of the German Hygiene Museum and how the same pandemic debates—over privacy, individual freedom, vaccination, and more—keep coming up again and again.

    Will narwhals eventually fall silent? In comparison to other ocean waters, the Arctic is like the "countryside" with minimal industrial noise. However, as sea ice melts and shipping routes begin to open, the Arctic will likely soon become much noisier—which could lead to significant problems to marine animals. Writing for the New Yorker, Marguerite Holloway examines the increasing noisiness entering Arctic waters and what these disturbances mean for sound-sensitive narwhals.

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