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August 16, 2021

Weekly review: How much worse will the 'delta surge' get? Watch these 7 factors.

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    Are mRNA vaccines less effective against delta, how dangerous is the delta variant for kids, and more.

    How much worse will the 'delta surge' get? Watch these 7 factors. (Monday, August 9)

    Just how worried should you be about the delta variant? Advisory Board's Yulan Egan takes a deep dive into this question, detailing seven factors you should watch closely (and two to ignore) to determine just how deadly and disruptive the variant will prove to be."

    How dangerous is the delta variant for kids? Here's what the evidence says so far. (Tuesday, August 10)

    Although the vast majority of Covid-19 cases in children are mild, childhood hospitalizations are rising as the disease surges again nationwide—and some providers are concerned the delta variant may cause more serious symptoms in children than earlier variants of the coronavirus.

    Are mRNA vaccines less effective against delta? Here's what a Mayo Clinic study reveals. (Wednesday, August 11)

    A new preprint study from Mayo Clinic and the health research company nference suggests mRNA vaccines' efficacy against coronavirus infection—particularly the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine—has dropped significantly since the delta variant became widespread, although the vaccines' protection against hospitalization and death remain strong.

    Don't get distracted: These 4 factors don't truly matter in the 'delta surge' (Thursday, August 12)

    If you're feeling overwhelmed and overstressed by all the breaking news about the delta variant, you're not alone. But according to Advisory Board's Rae Woods, four factors in particular are capturing a lot of headlines—without actually revealing much about the epidemic's future.

    Is the worst of Covid-19 yet to come? 7 leading experts weigh in. (Friday, August 13)

    A new Harris poll asked Americans, "Do you believe the worst of Covid-19 is behind or ahead of us?" Nearly 54% responded that the worst is yet to come—but when Advisory Board asked seven leading health experts the same question, they painted a more nuanced and evolving picture. Here's what Georges C. Benjamin, Asaf Bitton, Christopher Kerns, and others say to expect next.

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