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June 28, 2021

Weekly review: The 31 health care CEOs rated highest by employees, according to Glassdoor

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    A look at who is and isn't getting vaccinated, why some states are more vulnerable to the delta variant, and more.

    The 31 health care CEOs rated highest by employees, according to Glassdoor (Monday, June 21)

    Glassdoor on Tuesday released its annual Employees' Choice Awards list, which recognizes CEOs who have received the highest employee ratings on the career website. Across large, medium, and small organizations, 31 health care CEOs made the cut.

    'Two Americas': Why some states are far more vulnerable to the delta variant (Tuesday, June 22)

    Health experts warn that the particularly contagious delta variant may soon become the dominant strain of the coronavirus in the United States and could create 'two Americas'—comparatively safe areas with high vaccination rates, and other areas with low vaccination rates and the potential for Covid-19 surges.

    Who is (and isn't) getting vaccinated, in 4 charts (Wednesday, June 23)

    Young adults are less likely to be vaccinated against Covid-19 than other age groups—and nearly 25% of those between 18 and 39 said they probably or definitely won't get vaccinated, according to data from CDC. See who's getting vaccinated and who isn't on our interactive charts.

    Why do (some) people want to return to the office? Here's what a LinkedIn poll reveals. (Thursday, June 24)

    In a new survey, LinkedIn polled roughly 5,000 people to learn what they consider the biggest benefits of returning to in-person work. Here are their top reasons to consider returning to the workplace.

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