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June 7, 2021

Weekly review: The 6 lifestyle factors that can reduce your risk of dementia by half

Daily Briefing

    One woman's new—and rare—diagnosis after suffering from "long-haul" Covid; what the federal government says about vaccine mandates; and more.

    Can employers mandate Covid-19 vaccines? Here's the federal government's latest guidance. (Tuesday, June 1)

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Friday issued updated guidance saying companies can legally require their employees to get a Covid-19 vaccine—but some workers, including some at one hospital, are fighting back against vaccine mandates.

    The 6 lifestyle factors that can reduce your risk of dementia by half (Wednesday, June 2)

    People who have parents or siblings with dementia have a 72% greater risk of developing dementia themselves—but there are six lifestyle factors that can curb overall dementia risk by about half, according to a new study in Circulation.

    Seeking relief from 'long-haul' Covid, one woman got a new—and rare—diagnosis (Thursday, June 3)

    After months of a racing heart, intense brain fog, and a burning sensation in her hands and feet, one Covid long-hauler received a little-known diagnosis—and a "road map" for relief. Now, others are calling for more research into a potential connection between long-haul Covid-19 and the rare condition.

    Here are WHO's new names for coronavirus variants (Friday, June 4)

    In Advisory Board's weekly roundup of Covid-19 news, the World Health Organization offers new names for coronavirus variants, CDC says fully vaccinated people can skip Covid-19 tests in most—but not all—circumstances, a new coronavirus variant is discovered in Vietnam, and more.

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