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March 29, 2021

Weekly review: If you're vaccinated, when can you safely travel? Here's what experts say.

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    How much weight Americans gained amid Covid-19, why not all experts are sure vaccine passports are a good thing, and more.

    If you're vaccinated, when can you safely travel? Here's what experts say. (Monday, March 22)

    CDC still recommends that Americans avoid travel if possible due to the threat of Covid-19—but when might it be safe again to hit the road or the skies? Reporting for the Wall Street Journal, Barbara Peterson shares experts' opinions on when the vaccinated can expect to travel again.

    'Vaccine passports' are coming. But not all experts are sure that's a good thing. (Tuesday, March 23)

    Governments and other organizations around the world are exploring creating "vaccine passports": digital credentials that prove a person has been inoculated against the novel coronavirus. But some experts say such passports could exacerbate inequities and threaten users' privacy.

    The best (and worst) states for doctors, according to WalletHub (Wednesday, March 24)

    WalletHub last week released its 2021 ranking of the "Best & Worst States for Doctors," which ranks all 50 states and Washington, D.C. on factors such as average wage and quality of public hospital systems. See where your state ranked on our interactive map.

    How much weight have Americans gained amid Covid-19? (Thursday, March 25)

    Many Americans fretted about gaining the so-called "quarantine 15" when shelter-in-place orders and other restrictions first took effect amid the Covid-19 pandemic. But how much weight did people really gain over the last year? A new study published in JAMA Network Open sheds some light.

    The 2 key reasons coronavirus cases are rising again (Friday, March 26)

    Even though vaccinations have accelerated, the United States is once again seeing a rise in Covid-19 cases, leading Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor for the White House's Covid-19 response, to warn, "Whether or not we turn the corner remains to be seen."

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