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November 9, 2020

Weekly review: Coronavirus antibodies don't last long, new research shows. (But that's not as worrying as it sounds.)

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    Coronavirus antibodies don't last long, new research shows. (But that's not as worrying as it sounds.) (Monday, November 2)
    The share of people in Britain with detectable antibodies for the new coronavirus sharply declined over a period of three months, according to new data—but experts say that shouldn't necessarily spark concerns about people's immunity to Covid-19. Here's why.

    Map: See the 2,545 hospitals that face readmission penalties this year (Tuesday, November 3)
    Medicare recently released data showing the latest payment adjustments to hospitals under the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, and a Kaiser Health News analysis shows more than 2,500 hospitals will face penalties for fiscal year 2021. View our map to see how your hospital fared.

    The highest-paid doctors (and the lowest), according to Doximity (Wednesday, November 4)
    A new report from Doximity breaks down physician compensation by specialty, metropolitan area, and gender. Find out which doctors are compensated the most—and the least—on our interactive charts.

    It's getting harder to tell how Americans are catching the coronavirus (Thursday, November 5)
    Amid a surge in novel coronavirus cases nationwide, it's getting harder for public health officials to get an accurate count of how many Americans have been infected with the virus—and to pinpoint how Americans contracted the pathogen, the New York Times reports.

    How Americans diet, in 4 charts (Friday, November 6)
    More Americans were on special diets at some point from 2015 to 2018 when compared with a decade ago, according to new data from CDC's National Center for Health Statistics. View our interactive charts to see how Americans' diets have changed over the years—and which type of diets remain the most popular.

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