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February 24, 2020

Weekly review: The 18 'Best Companies to Work For' in health care, according to Fortune

Daily Briefing

    'Knocking on hell's door': What it's like to survive the coronavirus (Tuesday, Feb. 18)
    A 21-year-old student in Wuhan, China—the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak—in late January began feeling feverish and was too weak to finish his dinner. He quickly sought treatment, which started a harrowing, more than three-week long journey toward recovery, Claire Che reports for Bloomberg.

    The 18 'Best Companies to Work For' in health care, according to Fortune (Wednesday, Feb. 19)
    Fortune on Tuesday released its 2020 list of the "Best Companies to Work For," and 18 health care companies made the list.

    Nebraska Medical Center took on Ebola. Now, it's treating the new coronavirus. (Thursday, Feb. 20)
    Nebraska Medical Center made headlines in 2014 for being a leader in treating Americans who were infected with Ebola. Now, the hospital is being tapped to evaluate 13 Americans who were exposed to the new coronavirus—leading many to wonder why the Omaha-based hospital is consistently tasked with treating some of the toughest infectious diseases.

    How 4 nations provide universal health care—in very different ways (Friday, Feb. 21)
    Vox recently published a series that profiles how countries around the world have reformed their health systems to provide universal health care. Here's a rundown of how care is provided in Australia, the Netherlands, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

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