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February 14, 2019

'It's the prices, Cupid': The 10 best #HealthPolicyValentines of 2019

Daily Briefing

    By Ben Palmer, staff writer

    You've endured a long, cold winter, and now, at long last, it's here: Valentine's Day, when #HealthPolicyValentines take over our Twitter feeds—and our hearts.

    The tradition started in 2012, when then-HHS staffer Emma Sandoe found herself inspired to "tweet one 'health policy valentine' every day until Valentine's Day." It wasn't long before other health care wonks joined in, filling Twitter with rhymes and poems on everything related to health care.

    #HealthPolicyValentines has since become a tradition, with wonks tweeting them out every February. Here are our 10 favorites from this year's batch.

    This Valentine's Day, let's fix broken hearts

    Is your cardiovascular program ready for 2019? This Valentine's Day, access some of Advisory Board's most popular cardiovascular resources to prepare your program—and care for your patients—for 2019 and beyond:

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