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Why Mount Sinai's CEO says, 'If our beds are filled, it means we've failed'

May 19, 2017

    Welcome to the "Lessons from the C-suite" series, featuring Managing Partner Eric Larsen's conversations with the most influential leaders in health care. In this edition, Ken Davis, CEO of Mount Sinai Health System, talks to Eric about his background as a psychiatrist, how he revamped Mount Sinai by "betting the ranch," and the health system's commitment to population health.

    Ken Davis, CEO of Mount Sinai Health System

    Question: Ken, most everyone knows you as CEO of Mount Sinai—the renowned $8 billion, 38,000-employee system in New York City. But not everyone is aware of your clinical background, particularly your pioneering research in Alzheimer's and schizophrenia. You authored or co-authored 575 scientific studies, and were chair of psychiatry at Mount Sinai for 15 years, prior to becoming CEO in 2003. As you reflect back on your earlier, pre-CEO experiences, any particular moments stand out?

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