Commercial risk will be a critical catalyst of progress – it’s complicated, but is it possible? We think so.

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How Covid-19 Will Impact Population Health Management

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    Organisations with robust population health management (PHM) capabilities had better responses to the initial Covid-19 outbreak than those without. There’s significant overlap between the capabilities necessary to control an outbreak and to manage a population’s health. However, these capabilities only made a substantial difference when they were mature and entrenched.

    We predict that payers will more aggressively push towards PHM, as affordability becomes their number one issue. Implementing PHM is not only a structural change, though; leadership commitment to cultural change is vital to success.

    If your organisation hasn’t already significantly invested in PHM, the Covid-19 crisis and restoration period present a unique opportunity to forge a PHM-oriented culture and accelerate the development of the PHM capabilities crucial for future success.

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