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Roe v. Wade has fallen: Here’s what’s next for health care leaders

The Dobbs v. Jackson ruling has triggered a cascade of consequences for health care leaders and the people they serve, and has introduced unprecedented complexity to organizations operating across state lines.

The downstream effects will vary by stakeholder and geography, and we have been working to understand the implications for all stakeholders since the draft opinion was leaked in May. Our research will not provide moral guidance, policy advocacy, or political prognostication. Rather, our goal is to provide practical guidance to you as a health care leader—to help your organization adapt to change by distilling the most likely scenarios in this moment of heightened uncertainty, and by pointing you towards actions that will improve outcomes for your organization, people, and patients.

Below, we've collected our latest and best resources to help you navigate the post-Roe landscape. We've also created a new resource that breaks down the decision’s key implications by stakeholder and issues to watch.

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What happens to people denied abortions?

An estimated 138K women per year will be denied abortions in their home states following the overturning of Roe v. Wade. This population will have four options, and each carries the risk of adverse health outcomes and behaviors. Our infographic examines the forecasted outcomes and volumes for each one. 
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Resources for health care leaders

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Expert Analysis
5 hard truths for provider businesses

Providers have the largest, most immediate questions about what the unwinding of Roe's framework for medical practice will mean. We have thoughts on what you should be tracking and doing.

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Researchers react to the fall of Roe

Our experts share their perspectives on how providers, purchasers, and life sciences companies will be impacted, and what they will be watching for as the health care industry adapts.

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Blog post
Top questions you should be asking now

What does your workforce need to hear? How might new state policies impact your business? Do patients have easy access to authoritative information about changes? Use this resource to ask important questions, engage your colleagues, and prioritize your efforts today.

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Ready-to-use Slides
Revisit your maternal health strategy

Every organization should be doing a maternal health strategy gut check in light of the Dobbs decision, which will intersect with femtech developments and health equity initiatives. Use these ready-to-use slides to help you frame and jump start fact-based strategy discussions.

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The operational impacts to anticipate

The membership director of Abortion Care Network joined us on our podcast, Radio Advisory, to discuss the clinical and operational realities of restricted access to abortion. Note that this episode was recorded in May, following the leaked draft opinion.

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research in the pipeline
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Our team is developing guidance on how to support the clinical workforce through this monumental shift, and is performing an in-depth analysis of the impact on patients and health outcomes.  These resources will be posted in the coming weeks, so bookmark and revisit this page to access additional resources.

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