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November 21, 2022

Weekly review: Leapfrog grades 2,862 hospitals 'A' to 'F.' How did yours fare?

Daily Briefing

    Flu continues to surge throughout the United States, five unusual Covid-19 symptoms and how to treat them, and more.

    The flu continues to surge throughout the US. See it charted. (Monday, November 14)

    Many different respiratory viruses are circulating throughout the United States, but the flu is responsible for a "significant proportion" of that circulation, according to CDC, all while many hospitals are dealing with surges of pediatric respiratory syncytial virus patients.

    The long-awaited trial results of Roche's Alzheimer's drug (Tuesday, November 15)

    Gantenerumab, an experimental Alzheimer's drug developed by Roche Holding AG, failed to significantly slow cognitive decline in people with early Alzheimer's, according to two new studies.

    Are bundled payments value-based care? (Wednesday, November 16)

    It's easy to assume bundled payments are value-based care, many do. But in a recent conversation between Advisory Board experts, we found ourselves at odds. Our main takeaway? It's more nuanced than a simple yes or no.

    Leapfrog grades 2,862 hospitals 'A' to 'F.' How did yours fare? (Thursday, November 17)

    The Leapfrog Group on Tuesday released its fall 2022 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades, with around 30% of hospitals earning an "A" grade.

    5 unusual symptoms of Covid-19 (and how to treat them) (Friday, November 18)

    While most people are familiar with the "telltale symptoms of a Covid-19 infection," some people develop "uncommon manifestations" of the disease, including "hairy tongues, purple toes, welts that sprout on their faces," and more, Dani Blum writes for the New York Times.




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