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April 13, 2022

'50 best workplaces to grow your career,' according to LinkedIn

Daily Briefing

    LinkedIn released its sixth annual ranking of the "50 best workplaces to grow your career," recognizing companies that invest in their employees by helping them build careers that will be successful long-term.

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    For the 2022 rankings, LinkedIn analyzed data from Jan. 1, 2021, to Dec. 31, 2021 across seven areas, including:

    • Ability to advance, using standardized job titles to track internal employee promotions and promotions when an employee changed companies
    • Skills growth, using standardized LinkedIn skills to analyze how employees gained skills during their time with the company
    • Company stability, tracking each company's attrition rates over the past year and the percentage of employees who stayed with the company for at least three years
    • External opportunity, analyzing recruiter outreach across employees at each company to gauge demand for workers from the company
    • Company affinity, analyzing connection volume among employees, while controlling for company size, to measure how supportive each company's culture is
    • Gender diversity, evaluating gender parity within each company and its subsidiaries
    • Spread of educational backgrounds, analyzing the variety of education levels among employees to evaluate each company's willingness to recruit a wide range of professionals

    To be eligible for the list, companies were required to have at least 500 U.S. employees as of Dec. 31, 2021, with an attrition rate no higher than 10%, based on LinkedIn data. Companies with layoffs totaling more than 10% of their workforce during that period were not eligible for the list.

    Notably, only parent companies were included in the list. The data from majority-owned subsidiaries were incorporated into parent companies' scores. 

    In its analysis, LinkedIn normalized all data counts based on company size across the companies that were eligible for the list. LinkedIn excluded staffing and recruiting firms, educational institutions, government agencies, itself, its parent company Microsoft, and all Microsoft subsidiaries from the list.

    Which companies made the list?

    LinkedIn's "50 best workplaces to grow your career" recognized 5 health care companies: 

    13. UnitedHealth Group

    15. CVS Health

    25. Kaiser Permanente

    36. Johnson & Johnson

    37. HCA Healthcare

    LinkedIn also recognized several companies with significant and expanding interests in health care, including:

    1. Amazon

    2. Alphabet

    5. Walmart

    9. Apple

    19. GE

    39. Siemens

    (Daily Briefing is published by Advisory Board, a division of Optum, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group.)

    (LinkedIn News, Top Companies 2022: The 50 best workplaces to grow your career in the U.S., 4/6)

    Cheat sheets: Best places to work

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