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March 7, 2022

Around the nation: U.S. suicides peaked in 2018, according to new CDC data

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    New data from CDC found that suicides in the United States peaked in 2018, with a 3% decline from 2019 to 2020, today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Georgia, Illinois, and New York.

    • Georgia: CDC last week reported that confirmed cases of suicide in the United States peaked in 2018 with over 48,000 deaths. The number of confirmed suicides declined 3% from 2019 to 2020, with 47,511 confirmed suicides in 2019 and 45,979 in 2020. "The second consecutive year of declining suicide rates in the United States is encouraging," CDC researchers wrote. "Suicide is preventable. A comprehensive approach to suicide prevention is urgently needed in all states to continue to build on the progress that began in 2019." Although the data measured a decline in suicide rates among individuals ages 10 to 64 years old, the agency noted that suicide is still among the 10 leading causes of death. Notably, the study found that "[d]uring 2020, a total of 12.2 million U.S. adults reported serious thoughts of suicide and 1.2 million attempted suicide." (Dress, The Hill, 3/3)
    • Illinois: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions on Wednesday announced plans to sell its hospital and large physician practice business to N. Harris Computer, a subsidiary of Constellation Software. According to the news release, N. Harris Computer will pay a total of $670 million for the assets. However, the price could increase by up to $30 million depending on operations performance in the two years following the transaction. The deal is expected to be finalized next quarter. "The medical industry we faithfully serve has gone through tremendous change and the needs of the customers in our different business segments continue to evolve in different ways," said Allscripts Healthcare Solutions CEO Paul Black. "We think this transaction maximizes focus as well as future opportunity for our clients, our more than 7,500 associates and our shareholders." (Cohen, Modern Healthcare, 3/3)
    • New York: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center on Feb. 3 announced that Craig Thompson was stepping down from his role as president and CEO. Thompson, who came into the role in 2010, will continue serving as president and CEO until the board of trustees and governing trustees name his replacement. After he steps down from his current role, Thompson will remain at the center as head of his laboratory where he will devote his time to research. "It has been a tremendous honor to lead this amazing organization over the last decade. I couldn't be prouder of our progress," Thompson said. "As I look to the future, I believe this is the right time to begin the search for a new leader who will guide us through the next phase of executing on our strategic vision and mission." (Gonzalez, Becker's Hospital Review, 3/3)

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