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September 10, 2018

Weekly review: Is coconut oil 'pure poison?' Probably not—but that doesn't mean it's healthy.

Daily Briefing

    Is coconut oil 'pure poison?' Probably not—but that doesn't mean it's healthy. (Tuesday, Sept. 4)
    For years, coconut oil has enjoyed a reputation as a health-conscience food choice. Most experts now agree that reputation is undeserved—but one adjunct Harvard University professor is going much further, arguing the oil amounts to "pure poison."

    How does Mayo consistently top the rankings charts? Here are 3 secrets to the 'Mayo magic.' (Wednesday, Sept. 5)
    Mayo Clinic is one of the premier health systems in the world. How does it do it? Jeffery Bolton, Mayo's chief administrative officer, recently sat down with Larry Jameson, EVP of the University of Pennsylvania, to share the three secrets to making the "Mayo magic."

    'Slow metabolism' isn't causing your weight gain. This journalist spent 23 hours in a metabolic chamber to prove it. (Thursday, Sept. 6)
    Many people blame their troubles in maintaining a healthy body weight on their slow metabolisms, but after spending almost 24 hours in a high-tech "metabolic chamber" at NIH, Vox reporter Julia Belluz discovered that the body's real metabolic processes are far more complicated.

    The 20 most innovative children's hospitals, according to Parents magazine. (Friday, Sept. 7)
    Parents magazine last week named the 20 most innovative children's hospitals in the country. Find out who's on the list.

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