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Telehealth claims analysis: Is telehealth really here to stay?


    The explosion of telehealth during 2020’s Covid-19 lockdown transformed health care delivery and provided us with long-awaited data points. But telehealth’s rapid growth left us with unanswered questions about the impact and durability of telehealth.

    We investigated volumes before, during, and following the Covid-19 lockdown to help us answer these questions:

    • How will future telehealth volumes compare to pre-Covid norms?
    • Will a rise in telehealth utilization lead to an increase in overall utilization and total spending?
    • How does telehealth utilization differ across service lines? How will reimbursement impact future utilization?
    • How can future analyses help us answer outstanding questions?

    Our main takeaway: Telehealth is here to stay as a meaningful proportion of physician visits—especially for service lines that lend themselves to virtual modalities, like psychiatry.

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