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System-Level Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Charter Library

    Health system leaders report that clinical standardization is one of their top priorities, and for many, a critical early step toward standardization is the creation of a system-level pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) committee and system-wide formulary.

    To kick off these efforts, we recommend drafting a formal P&T committee charter. A charter can serve as a powerful tool for granting formal authority, bringing clear structure and organization to P&T meetings, and guiding decision making and communication flow.

    Every health system will have a unique charter, reflecting organizational and cultural diversity. However, there are several common elements that all well-designed P&T committee charters share, which enable the organization to make decisions and implement changes efficiently.

    To support you in drafting your own system-level P&T committee charter, or revising an existing one, we’ve collected sample charters from a wide range of organizations. Below are ten hand-selected examples that illustrate different approaches to outlining committee roles and expectations.

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