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Nurse Manager Time Audit

    Nurse managers all over the world tell us they’re feeling overwhelmed. They’re currently juggling multiple competing demands and struggling to prioritize.

    Even more concerning, when asked how they spend their time, nurse managers reported they were frequently getting absorbed by time-consuming tasks such as scheduling, managing patient flow, and budgeting. This kept them from partaking in the leadership activities their executives wanted them to prioritize.

    The Nursing Executive Center believes that organizations need to re-evaluate the role and ensure it fits properly into the new health care reality.

    To restructure the role, executives need to start by truly assessing exactly how nurse managers are using their time. Only then will organizations be able to determine what activities can be delegated and what support is necessary to ensure nurse managers can provide necessary oversight in their units.

    A time audit is a good place to start. At the Nursing Executive Center, we think that this is a worthy exercise not only to identify areas of need and gaps between your priorities and your managers’ priorities, but also to facilitate a conversation between managers and leaders about the priorities. You can then involve managers in the process of role re-design.

    To support you in this process, we have created a set of PowerPoint and Excel tools designed for both nurse managers and executives to complete.

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