15 things CEOs need to know in 2020

    15 Things CEOs Need to Know in 2020

    With the 2020 elections approaching, public and political support for Medicare for All is surging. While its legislative prospects are unclear, health care leaders need to understand why support for single payer has grown so drastically. The most important reason: the increasing anger and discontent directed at the health care industry due to the unaffordability of care.

    As concerns about affordability mount, both public and private payers are actively working to curb health care spending. They’re attacking the issue on many fronts—limiting price growth, managing utilization, and shifting care to lower-cost ambulatory settings. These moves are poised to exacerbate the margin challenges already facing hospitals and health systems today. Future success will require leaders to navigate the tension between the need to grow revenue while also delivering on the market’s demand for affordability.

    Read on to learn the top 15 insights that will drive health system success in 2020 and beyond.

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