How Patient Voice Should Ripple Through the Health Care Ecosystem


    Patient-centricity is a longstanding aspiration in health care. But most stakeholders aim to apply patient insights to a specific set of goals—like treatment development or point-of-care—without recognizing the related ripple effects those goals have on other aspects of health care.

    For example, the design of a clinical trial (including the protocols, investigator sites, and endpoints measured) has a huge impact on which patients participate. This ultimately influences the trial results and the data patients and clinicians can use to make decisions.

    The result is that, by failing to understand the full range of “moments” where patient voice matters, we inadvertently create challenges in other areas. But if we recognize and account for the ways patient-centricity is applied in various contexts, we can amplify the impact of patient voice and work toward building a more patient-focused health care ecosystem.

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