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Member engagement case study: Ensure a baseline understanding

    When it comes to member engagement, health plans must meet the challenge of building a trusted relationship with their members. The fact is that most members fear that plans aren’t working in their best interest. Building that relationship starts with becoming a source of truth for health information.

    Establishing a lasting rapport with members is critical if health plans wish to be seen as a trusted source for how to best navigate the health care system. Our research indicates that the right communication strategy can dramatically improve member engagement efforts.

    Below, we review a case study in which Health Net, a Centene subsidiary, leverages short videos to educate their members on the US health care system and how to best access care.

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    If health plans can’t explain what members need to do to work with them, members will fail to realize the full value of their plans. How health plans say things is just as important as what they say. Health plans should tell members all of the need-to-know information up-front so that members can immediately start to understand their health plan and how to properly access health care.

    Case study: Health Net, a Centene subsidiary, Uses Visual Communication Channel

    Some plans are starting to move away from the old model of sending information with difficult-to-decipher terminology and unclear next steps for the member. Health Net has taken a new approach by sending a customized video to 25,000 new enrollees on the exchanges.

    Customized Videos Emailed to New Exchange Enrollees

    Infographic: Four strategies that health plans should apply to their member interactions with corresponding metrics to measure progress

      The two-minute animated video makes the customized data easier for members to understand. In fact, Health Net has since created their Health Net Consumer Education videos, each approximately three minutes long and outlining basic information such as explanations on health coverage costs, overviews of health plan types, and descriptions of who does what in health care.

      By leveraging these videos, Health Net has taken the first step in sharing who they are with their members to build a stronger rapport and trusting relationship. Further, through providing valuable information in an easily digestible format, they are positioning themselves as a valuable source of health information.

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