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Member engagement case study: Ease member interaction

    In the mission of building strong relationships with members, health plans have a few levers at their disposal. One of the simplest is providing information that clearly outlines how a member can work with your plan. Choosing coverage, finding the right doctor, and navigating change are all relatively difficult tasks when you don’t do them every day. Holding your members’ hands through these processes can quickly build a rapport that strengthens your relationships with them.

    Below, we review two case studies in which Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) walks their members through a large amount of information in a simple and straightforward way. By doing so, BCBSNC ensures that their members feel supported, engaged and empowered.

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    In cultivating a deeper relationship with members, health plans must learn to recognize moments when they need to make a task especially easy. As our case studies below highlight, these moments can be when a member is seeking coverage, trying to find a doctor, or navigating major regulatory changes.

    Through delivering rich and intuitive experiences, health insurers can improve their ability to ensure that members have all the information they need to make well-considered decisions while also building stronger relationships.

    Case study: BCBSNC guides their members to information that addresses their individual needs at that moment

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina created an information tool called HealthNAV. HealthNAV provides a variety of services, including helping people better understand their options when choosing a plan, so they won’t be surprised by something like a high deductible if they choose a low-premium plan. HealthNAV also provides insight into finding a doctor or facility, identifying medical costs, finding a pharmacy or even locating a dentist.

    Case study: BCBSNC guided the renewal process during health care reform

    In 2013, when health care reform was in full swing, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) created a navigation tool called Blue Map. Blue Map was an online tool designed to help North Carolinians understand how health care reform changes could affect their individual situations and provided them the ability to make informed decisions about their coverage. The goal wasn’t so much to guide them to the lowest short-term costs, but to find the best product option for their particular needs.

    "Blue Map" Offers Guided Renewal Process

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Informs Member Choices

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