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Benchmark Generator

New data available: Philanthropy Performance Benchmark Generator

    Explore data for fiscal year 2021 now!

    The updated tool includes the following new-in-kind metrics: donor retention rate (FY2021), first-time donor retention rate (FY2021), funds raised for Covid-19 relief (% of total dollars raised), and number of gifts per donor.

    The Philanthropy Performance Benchmark Generator is an interactive tool for health care development leaders to assess performance relative to peer organizations and the industry writ large.

    The tool features multiple data views including single-year performance, three-year trended performance, and three-year performance averages.

    Benchmarks include:

    • Production: Total dollars raised, average gift size, total value of five largest gifts
    • Efficiency: Return on investment, cost-to-raise-a-dollar
    • Staffing: FTE levels by role type, ratio of frontline to non-frontline FTEs, funds raised per FTE
    • Impact: Philanthropy impact on hospital net margin, total philanthropic spending
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