How to Win the Race for Ambulatory Surgery Market Share

    About this Webinar

    Across the country, hospital and health system leaders are witnessing massive growth in the lucrative but highly competitive market for ambulatory surgery. In some cases, volumes are being relocated from hospitals to ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). But in many more instances, ambulatory surgery actually presents a rare nugget of organic growth. Unfortunately, incumbent hospitals and health systems are poorly positioned to win in this growing market, especially in the face of new competitors. This presentation guides hospital and health system leaders in implementing a dedicated and winning ASC strategy to compete against new and traditional competitors alike.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • The drivers of today's outmigration of procedural care and its effect on hospital and health system economics
    • How to develop an intentional ASC strategy that supports the organizations' broader strategic objectives
    • How to create a value proposition to attract both proceduralists and key constituents that drive ASC referrals

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